Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beautiful City In The World

Can u see that beautiful place? Can u guess where is the place? ..... Maybe in Malaysia? Or in Kelantan? ... =)


This place is Esfahan city that located in Iran. Maybe this place not too common to the person who are not interesting about building. For me, as engineering student, i am very craving to a beautiful architecture designing.

So here, i would like to write about this place. As u can see, this picture just a portion of Esfahan place. The age of the place is about more than 1000 years. Many history we can learn here if u are interesting with historical subject in high school. hehe.

In Iran, Esfahan just nearby with Zagros mountain and 1,570 metres from sea level. This location has made Esfahan to have blue sky and fresh air along every year. Also, the mountain that located surrounding this city make Esfahan be an amazing place with precious view.

Zayandeh Rud river that elongation from west to east with 360km long and pass through Esfahan become touching place for thousands duck give the place with unique look.
This place also become a heaven for tourist to shopping some elective thing.

p/s: from now, this blog will be the blog for my English subject. so, i have to write in english so that my teacher will give me a special marks even though my grammar is lower. hehe

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