Tuesday, September 30, 2008

10 Matter To Be Avoid During In Love

Love never ever obey the law, rule or law. Just because of love, human dispose anything. And because love also, simple people swayed adrift feeling and not realize apparently it invite consequence. Careful with each item you doing.

In love because sympathy and pity.
You will not be goddess / God salvage if forcing yourself to accept their love Honest opinion and honestly that necessarily would not be created lf it become cause why you willing unite love with him.

To glance to youth / other girl.
Love no hindrance to you for extend social,however must have particular restriction. Although you intention only just wash points with to glance view to youth / other girl, it can bring to dishonesty.

Fake attracted to talk old lass.
You should be not pretending diligent when hearing her speak on the subject that does not you prefer. Do not force yourself to face with about everything that you really do not like. That named hypocrite!

Do Not want to defeat her.
You are willing capitulate when challenge badminton with her merely want look after his heart. Not mistaken compete but must be towards those positive and can variable the relationship.

Must always with.
This does not mean you friends should be removed merely you already found love. Instead, ask him to join your friend group. Busy both can make bored right?

Close with her best friend.
Not mistaken knowing her best friend but be wary not too close. This can make various worse or suspicious sense if his friend in love to-you. Instead you shall more knowing his family and try to compete second heart to the parents.

Pretended not jealous.
You should be able to distinguish among attitude believe and sitting by when looking that he keeps discussing with youth / other girl. If extreme, greet him with the best way. Let him know you feeling on that time.

Overly accept her attitude.
Everyone own advantage and disadvantages. Do not because too love her, you will accept all the ugliness although you heart ill. Think initiative to change her attitude.

Forgive his extreme attitude.
Please do not be silent if only him do something matter you don't like. Not mistaken if you reprimand his 'less' action so that he realizes and willing turning sake of goodness.

Lets him pay.
Sometimes you should try to take turns pay every time eat or drink. Furthermore it reflect compromise in stated relationship. But to menfolk, do not also feel challenged if your lover want cost you!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Egg's Seller At Traditional Market.

Buyer: "How much a kilo eggs?"

Seller: "Chicken egg or egg duck?"

Buyer: "Chicken egg."

Seller: "Ordinary chicken egg or village fowl?"

Buyer: "Ordinary chicken."

Seller: "Local or that imports?"

Buyer: "Local."

Seller: "Local which from Ipoh, Kuala Selangor or Tampin?"

Buyer: "Ipoh laa..." (While looks regret).

Seller: "Want Ipoh Pusat, Barat, Timur, North, or south?"

Buyer: "You are selling egg or want take a tour?"

Seller: "Sorry miss, I am seller of mee boil besides here. The owner asks me to talk to buyer until she comes back."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Being Like A Determined Frog.

At one day there a group of small frogs, contesting, errand are achieving peak a very high tower.
Audience gather all surround tower to watch the race and pay spirit to participants...

Then, race starts.

Honestly, no one of audience really believe that small frogs will be able to reach the peak. Listened that, "Oh, the road is too difficult" "They cant reach until the peak" or "There was no opportunity to succeed. Too high!"

Then, small frog begin to fall. One by one. Except those who still is high spirit and going up more higher and higher. Audience continue to cheer, "Too difficult! Nobody will succeed."

Then, more small frogs tired and give up. But, still has a small frog that is going up more higher. He do now want to give up.

Finally those other have submitted to board tower. Except a small frog that tried hard and would be the one succeed reach to the top. All other small frogs want to know how this frog can succeed?

One of the participant ask how the successful frog have the strength to achieve purpose?

Proven, that frog become the winner is DEAF!

Moral of the story: Always think positive and do not ever hear said other person have negative tendency or pessimist. Bcoz them would take largely your dream and be apart from you. Behave deaf if there are people saying that you cannot achieve your dream!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Crestfallen Conversation.

I found this conversation in my friendster. My friend posting that at bulletin board. So, it will be more fun if i share with u. hehe.. happy reading.. (malay version)

SAM: Kenapa kamu cakap minum susu segar boleh
bawa maut?
DOL: Sebab semalam semasa aku tengah
minum,lembu tu terajang aku. Nasib baik tak mati.
SAM: Apasal ko marah kat tokey kedai 2 Ringgit tu?
DOL: Sebab dia tipu. Aku beli 3 barang dia mintak 6
ringgit. Kata kedai 2 Ringgit
SAM: Kau kata binatang peliharaan kau mati lemas?
Mana kau tau dia mati lemas?
DOL: Sebab aku bela ikan emas. aku jumpa ia mati
dalam air!
SAM: Semalam aku nampak hantu!
DOL: Uih! kau terkejut tak?
SAM: Taklah.... hantu tu yang terkejut tengok aku.
DOL: Mana kau tahu?
SAM: Aku tengok muka dia pucat semacam jer....
SAM: Apasal kopi yang kau buat ni rasa masin?
DOL: Gula dah habis!
SAM: Yang kau pergi campur garam apasal?
DOL: Kan aku kata, sebab gula dah habislah
SAM: Aku tengok kau beberapa hari ini "candle light
dinner" dengan bini kau, mesti dia suka.
DOL: Dia marahlah. Aku lupa nak bayar bil elektrik,
api rumah aku dah kena potong!
SAM: Aku ada AIDS? mana ada...
DOL: Aku baca 1 dari 10 orang kat Negara ni ada
aids. Aku dah tanya 9 orang, semua tak ada aids, kau
orang ke 10, tak payah tanya, aku dah tahu...
SAM:Dol, aku dengar bunyi batuk kau makin teruk!
DOL: Iya ke? kalau macamni aku kena banyak
berlatih agar dapat batuk dengan lebih baik lagi.
SAM: Dah dua kali perompak yang sama datang
merompak kedai kita.
DOL: Tu lah aku dah cakap kat kau, jangan pasang
signboard "SILA DATANG LAGI"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Importance of Microgravity Research.

In conjunction with anniversary celebration National Astronaut Programme held starting from 10th of October to 21st of October this, National Space Agency (Space) comply make lecture over the skill deep field of space science.

Although majority research in ISS still in early astronaut analysis level data, yet from preliminary report, this research development is extremely positive.

Here some example of the result as follows:

  • Main product from the programme Protein in Space's research (PCS) is the local researcher have been successful file his research output to be patented in Malaysia, United States, Europe and Japanese and have potential that the very grow to back up in the industry oleochemical.
  • Through the research Cells in Space (CIS) programme, Malaysia had also been successful create history namely his first time succeed send cancer cell to outer space.
  • This has shown our nation scientist successful to design experiment very well, perfect and safe and have been successful to get through standard level Russian Bioethics Committee.
  • Apart from that, UKM has also established a research laboratory genetic mutation (genetic mutation) for worm research named C Elegans which has been taken to ISS for six months.
  • Furthermore, this laboratory will be used by scientist and postgraduate students to continue deep study field of pure science in either Earth or in outer space especially in ISS.

Generally, product earns from science research microgravity programme under PAN could be formulated as follows:

  • New research field namely outer space and this make opportunity for the first time to local researcher to carry out deep study and development space science of research particularly science mikrograviti;
  • Can born a group of experienced research specialist in the field of research space science that international standard and successfully complied with international standard high.
  • This has shown directly national researchers has research quality high and accepted at the international level. Government is confident from early group of researchers these plans will succeed to produce more many new researcher that further will develop more space science area of research in Malaysia;
  • From microgravity science research program that maiden in ISS, it already spells opportunity to MOSTI and nation researchers to consolidate international cooperation especially with NASA(USA), SOLE(Europe Unity Of Nations), JAXA(Japan) And Roscosmos (Russia);

As conclusion, apart from the research result as above, plenty researcher whether from MOSTI, research institutions or local universities have gained experience cost to manage, draft, implement and carry out evaluation process programme science microgravity research and may act as core group to expand this research in the future.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sony a900 New Technology

So long as, Nikon's brand and real Canon excel camera market segment digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) supply consumer use nor professional group.

Yet, with the presence of DSLR camera from Sony's product namely model a900 equip feature and function lies against state-of-the-art technology, it expected afford compete both deep giant brand stated market segment.

Either main key feature in the latest model branch here is camera equipment which attained 24.6 mega pixel. In addition, stated feature more united with the increase sensor 'Exmor' together with full frame having size 35 millimetre (mm).

As compared with network DSLR's camera another, frame sensor built-in not as great and achieve 35 mm.

This indirectly show big gap when dynamic recording get record all precision to image take in the more spacious angle.

This ensuring the angle can reach wide recording size also can be record while capture the image.

Yet positively, role of technology sensor that were supply exchange analog signal to signal digital avoid noise at an early stage in ensuring image am being seized sharper and having quality.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Created My Own Poem

Here, i would like to share my poetry that i had created yesterday. For who are interesting in this, hopely you can translate this into a story. =)

"Lautan Putih Berkapalkan Hitam,
Menari-nari sambil bercerita,
Menerbitkan mentari kefahaman,
Kepada ikan-ikan kelaparan

Aku yang sedang keresahan,
Mengungkit kata-kata yang dilafazkan,
Cuba menanam benih kefahaman,
Malang nya tiada hujan yang turun.

Berdirinya aku di pentas perlawanan,
Cuba menikam ilmu yang berkeliaran,
Yang berputar pada paksinya,
Menunggu masa untuk dipetik.

Cubanya aku berlari laju,
Memeluk tubuh penari hebat,
Tapi apa yang ku dapat,
Hanya peluh semata-mata.

Hinggakan bumi kehabisan udara,
Tetapnya diriku mencari dia,
Di celah-celah kepayahan,
Kan ku redah sehingga mati."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Top 10 World's Richest People 2008

Here i would like to share with you that the person who are in ranking 10 top of richest people. The source of the information is from the website, http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com . I hope, someday there will be my picture in the ranking.. =)

#1 - Warren Buffett

Age: 77
Fortune: self made
Source: Berkshire Hathaway
Net Worth: $62.0 bil
Country Of Citizenship: United States
Industry: Investments
Marital Status: widowed, remarried, 3 children

#2- Carlos Slim Helu & family

Age: 68
Fortune: self made
Source: telecom
Net Worth: $60.0 bil
Country of Citizenship: Mexico
Industry: Communications
Marital Status: widowed, 6 children

#3 - William Gates III

Age: 52
Fortune: self made
Source: Microsoft
Net Worth: $58.0 bil
Country of Citizenship: United States
Industry: Software
Marital Status: married, 3 children

#4 - Lakshmi Mittal

Age: 57
Fortune: inherited and growing
Source: steel
Net Worth: $45.0 bil
Country of Citizenship: India
Industry: Manufacturing
Marital Status: married, 2 children

#5 - Mukesh Ambani

Age: 50
Fortune: inherited and growing
Source: petrochemicals
Net Worth: $43.0 bil
Country of Citizenship: India
Industry: Manufacturing
Marital Status: married, 3 children

#6 - Anil Ambani

Age: 48
Fortune: inherited
Source: diversified
Net Worth: $42.0 bil
Country of Citizenship: India
Industry: Diversified
Marital Status: married, 2 children

#7 - Ingvar Kamprad & family

Age: 81
Fortune: self made
Source: Ikea
Net Worth: $31.0 bil
Country of Citizenship: Sweden
Industry: Retailing
Marital Status: married, 4 children

#8 - KP Singh

Age: 76
Fortune: inherited and growing
Source: real estate
Net Worth: $30.0 bil
Country of Citizenship: India
Industry: Real Estate
Marital Status: married, 3 children

#9 - Oleg Deripaska

Age: 40
Fortune: self made
Source: Russian Aluminum
Net Worth: $28.0 bil
Country of Citizenship: Russia
Industry: Diversified
Marital Status: married, 2 childre

#10 - Karl Albrecht

Age: 88
Fortune: self made
Source: Aldi
Net Worth: $27.0 bil
Country of Citizenship: Germany
Industry: Retailing
Marital Status: married, 2 children

More details, log on into... http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/2008/04/20/list-worlds-richest-men-women/

Saturday, September 6, 2008

How Can We Choose A Good Stall

In honour of Ramadhan month, we know that there will be many Pasar Ramadhan that are located nearby your home. What it makes different between stalls is the clean and delicious of that food. So that, we as buyer need to know that how to choose the right stall.

Here, i would like to share my experience where i go to pasar ramadhan or anything else. When i want to have a good food;

1. Make sure, that stall are so many people. That's mean, the more people come to that stall, the more delicious of that foods. But, if there are no many people in the pasar ramadhan, so just ignore this tip.

2. See the skill of seller. The way them serve food for you. If their skill are so doing of good deed, that;s mean they were trained because so many people come to their stall.

3. See their equipment of making food. If they have higher technology, maybe they got money to buy that equipment because so many people came to their stall.

4. If you go to the pasar in the early of time, see the quantity of the food on their table, if there are so many food on it, maybe they are ready to serve for many people. But, if that time the pasar ramadhan are getting close, maybe their food are not in demand. So, dont buy it. hehe

5. See the worker also, if there are many worker, mean that they want to increase the rate of making food to serve for many people.

Remember this, i believe when too many people come to some stall, mean that that people know the stall is having a really delicious and good food.
That;s all my sharing experience. I think there are other tips that are not write down here. So, it;s depend on you to believe in what way about making choice to choose the corret stall.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Types of Colors

Here, u can see many types of colors. There 16 colors that i will show to you. For anybody who are still do not know much better about colors, I hope this post can help you improve the thing that you do not know yet.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Skype makes our life connected

Today, I would like to share about some software that is so useful for every single people. The function of the programming is same like chatting. It's also allows users to make call over the internet

Calls the other users via internet-internet can be made for a free but for internet-landlines it will have some fee. We can use card creadit to buy some creadit and we can make calls to landlines users even outside of our country.

It was created by entrepreneurs Niklas Zennstrom, Janus Friis, and a team a software developers located in Talinn, Estonia.

The skype is special for me because this software has high quality video compare to other software. When we are making call, that video-cam is playing very smooths without any stuck. Other that, we still can use skype while internet down to make calls but only the users in our server.

Skype also allows the users to set up an account using any name. So,the displayed caller's name is no guarantee of authenticity. Users can be pretender if they make their name same as other users and disturbing other users with calls.