Thursday, September 25, 2008

Being Like A Determined Frog.

At one day there a group of small frogs, contesting, errand are achieving peak a very high tower.
Audience gather all surround tower to watch the race and pay spirit to participants...

Then, race starts.

Honestly, no one of audience really believe that small frogs will be able to reach the peak. Listened that, "Oh, the road is too difficult" "They cant reach until the peak" or "There was no opportunity to succeed. Too high!"

Then, small frog begin to fall. One by one. Except those who still is high spirit and going up more higher and higher. Audience continue to cheer, "Too difficult! Nobody will succeed."

Then, more small frogs tired and give up. But, still has a small frog that is going up more higher. He do now want to give up.

Finally those other have submitted to board tower. Except a small frog that tried hard and would be the one succeed reach to the top. All other small frogs want to know how this frog can succeed?

One of the participant ask how the successful frog have the strength to achieve purpose?

Proven, that frog become the winner is DEAF!

Moral of the story: Always think positive and do not ever hear said other person have negative tendency or pessimist. Bcoz them would take largely your dream and be apart from you. Behave deaf if there are people saying that you cannot achieve your dream!

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