Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Importance of Microgravity Research.

In conjunction with anniversary celebration National Astronaut Programme held starting from 10th of October to 21st of October this, National Space Agency (Space) comply make lecture over the skill deep field of space science.

Although majority research in ISS still in early astronaut analysis level data, yet from preliminary report, this research development is extremely positive.

Here some example of the result as follows:

  • Main product from the programme Protein in Space's research (PCS) is the local researcher have been successful file his research output to be patented in Malaysia, United States, Europe and Japanese and have potential that the very grow to back up in the industry oleochemical.
  • Through the research Cells in Space (CIS) programme, Malaysia had also been successful create history namely his first time succeed send cancer cell to outer space.
  • This has shown our nation scientist successful to design experiment very well, perfect and safe and have been successful to get through standard level Russian Bioethics Committee.
  • Apart from that, UKM has also established a research laboratory genetic mutation (genetic mutation) for worm research named C Elegans which has been taken to ISS for six months.
  • Furthermore, this laboratory will be used by scientist and postgraduate students to continue deep study field of pure science in either Earth or in outer space especially in ISS.

Generally, product earns from science research microgravity programme under PAN could be formulated as follows:

  • New research field namely outer space and this make opportunity for the first time to local researcher to carry out deep study and development space science of research particularly science mikrograviti;
  • Can born a group of experienced research specialist in the field of research space science that international standard and successfully complied with international standard high.
  • This has shown directly national researchers has research quality high and accepted at the international level. Government is confident from early group of researchers these plans will succeed to produce more many new researcher that further will develop more space science area of research in Malaysia;
  • From microgravity science research program that maiden in ISS, it already spells opportunity to MOSTI and nation researchers to consolidate international cooperation especially with NASA(USA), SOLE(Europe Unity Of Nations), JAXA(Japan) And Roscosmos (Russia);

As conclusion, apart from the research result as above, plenty researcher whether from MOSTI, research institutions or local universities have gained experience cost to manage, draft, implement and carry out evaluation process programme science microgravity research and may act as core group to expand this research in the future.

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