Saturday, September 6, 2008

How Can We Choose A Good Stall

In honour of Ramadhan month, we know that there will be many Pasar Ramadhan that are located nearby your home. What it makes different between stalls is the clean and delicious of that food. So that, we as buyer need to know that how to choose the right stall.

Here, i would like to share my experience where i go to pasar ramadhan or anything else. When i want to have a good food;

1. Make sure, that stall are so many people. That's mean, the more people come to that stall, the more delicious of that foods. But, if there are no many people in the pasar ramadhan, so just ignore this tip.

2. See the skill of seller. The way them serve food for you. If their skill are so doing of good deed, that;s mean they were trained because so many people come to their stall.

3. See their equipment of making food. If they have higher technology, maybe they got money to buy that equipment because so many people came to their stall.

4. If you go to the pasar in the early of time, see the quantity of the food on their table, if there are so many food on it, maybe they are ready to serve for many people. But, if that time the pasar ramadhan are getting close, maybe their food are not in demand. So, dont buy it. hehe

5. See the worker also, if there are many worker, mean that they want to increase the rate of making food to serve for many people.

Remember this, i believe when too many people come to some stall, mean that that people know the stall is having a really delicious and good food.
That;s all my sharing experience. I think there are other tips that are not write down here. So, it;s depend on you to believe in what way about making choice to choose the corret stall.

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Aizad Legend said...

What a nice tips. i want to add my tips.

1. do not buy foods with passion.
2. do not buy many foods. it is enough for only one set of meal(drink, nasi campur, kuih-muih). waste is a one deed of syaitan.
3. BELANJA RAKAN ANDA SEMASA MEMBELI JUADAH BERBUKA. because alms is encourage during this month.

pe lagi ptg ne jom!