Saturday, September 27, 2008

Egg's Seller At Traditional Market.

Buyer: "How much a kilo eggs?"

Seller: "Chicken egg or egg duck?"

Buyer: "Chicken egg."

Seller: "Ordinary chicken egg or village fowl?"

Buyer: "Ordinary chicken."

Seller: "Local or that imports?"

Buyer: "Local."

Seller: "Local which from Ipoh, Kuala Selangor or Tampin?"

Buyer: "Ipoh laa..." (While looks regret).

Seller: "Want Ipoh Pusat, Barat, Timur, North, or south?"

Buyer: "You are selling egg or want take a tour?"

Seller: "Sorry miss, I am seller of mee boil besides here. The owner asks me to talk to buyer until she comes back."

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