Friday, October 3, 2008

Aerobics Avoid Senile

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Aerobics movement, namely exercise need high spirit level, usually become youth choice in their effort to remain healthy and active.

Even so, good news especially for elderly citizen who face with symptoms aging as senile, when new research aired in British Journal of Sports Medicine's latest edition, discover often aerobics training not only avoiding decline of brain function but also help return brain spirit.

Through study report by Drs. Arthur F Kramer and Kirk I Erickson, from University of Illinois Beckman Institute, Urbana, brain function decline caused year increase make executive duties as planning, works need someone think and remember something and implement various one time inside work, become more difficult.

However, a important research to over the body show these tasks is the process very closely related with physical training.

As the individual either have or there was no senile signs or Alzheimer, often but medium physical activity and enough to improve heart-beats, proven not only capable make more nimble mind and sharp, even increase the number brain tissue simultaneously enhance brain function.

For example, in the study for six months those undertaken by Kramer and his friends, shows that elderly citizen years old among 60 to 75 year who exercise by walking during 45 minute one day three times a week not only increase physical activity level even mental especially capacity to commit executive duties, over with the group who would only do exercise not aerobics as stretch and others.

Results of this study indicate that often and medium aerobics training can reduce cognitive ability decline year increase result and brain further maintain his capacity to develop although in old age.

Other research also found that, more active elderly citizen physically it proven less experienced decline signs brain capacity over their partner those less active physically.

"Host of questions still not yet answered contact effect exercise for brain. However, we believe that active lifestyle with medium activity aerobics will increase cognitive and brain function. It also reduce nerve capacity reduction used to be seen to old people," said Kramer and Erikson. - Reuters

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aerobic is a very lively is up beating and makes ur spirit more uplifted as move and strech with music trailing along the background... very interesting indeed

nice post..keep it up.