Monday, October 20, 2008

Dealer Should Reduces The Prices of Product

If no unexpected matter happen for world oil price, then within a few today Malaysians will get more price drop for the fuel.

Like a blessing when global oil prices fall dramatically latterly, enable the government reduce more retail petrol prices and diesel within the near future.

After the fuel prices raise last time to 5 June goes, already three times oil price reduce. And if aspiration of the people am being heard, likely retail price petrol and diesel in the country will be relegated to multiply fourth.

After three times the fuel price reduces, then people starting to see the reducing of dealer product prices.

But it not overall happen, perhaps just in several hypermarket and premises located in urban.

How about the needs of the people in the rural and different area to get cheaper prices. This matter should be considered by the party government and business association that play fair to all users.

Price drop that happens in certain premise after being urged by the government and the public, do not just to flaunt.

And more important is, we urge this is the time for traders all types of businesses so that reducing their trade prices.

If not, when they will reduce selling price whereas decline oil price had happened as many as three times within four passed month.

Actually government and consumer don't have to appeal to the dealer.But, themselves should realize and be responsibility to reduce the prices without urging from the government and the public.

Dealer can't give any reason and trick for not lowering the prices.

If during increase the prices, the gave the reason because happen oil price increase, but how about now? With present situation after oil price reduce some time

No benefit if dealer still with greedy attitude. If they can increase selling price like a shot, then to lower it again should not require force and surveillance from the authorities also.

Now shall be time for the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and retailer together compassionate with the people have to tie their stomach because the high prices.

Hopely, when retail price of petrol and diesel are decline to multiply fourth announced, it will being followed with the response goods and service price drop.

We believe that dealer will not suffer losses if reduce consumer need prices.


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