Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Powering More Than One Language.

Issue of English is not really new matter in our country. Only distinguish that is issue relation BI with the political situation and social during. If in the era before independence, BI's issue more converging to faith belief and religion sentiment with us at that time still being shackled colonial power Anglo. Until there are parties to issue the fatwa to anyone who learn in current school BI is infidel instead of Malay more.

Malay language and Malaysian overpowering his link with one another. Of course there have good and vice. Quality language since it show identity strength and nationalism an ethnic.

Strong people attribute to custom and ceremony ennoble Malay language, had a positive effect that is specially strong once. Until could be defined anyone insult Malay language will be resisted and criticize with specially strong and solid once.

Although currently have been excitedly said BI's use in subject Mathematics and the Science already converged to the deterioration of that subject in achievement for pupil who sat in Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR), we no should be quick 'malatah' with demanded the government study again the education policy to make compulsory mathematics subject and science being thought in English language.

With the word harder more, they want government withdrew learning the subject in English language and gets back to the original namely educated in Malay. Undeniably exist a quick spirit despair in heart and mind a few Malay.

Attitude and nature result of Malaysian are lazy to read and pursuit of knowledge cause issue English language becomes student achievement main cause decline. Whereas the policy is over to control other language to student that generation can be further separate above one language especially Malaysian.

If we already have basic of English language in Mathematics and science, greatly facilitates our child to go much farther to learning pure science and technology because this two basic technology subject knowledge are very little in reference material of Malay.

That is dreamed by us all for produce race generation high knowledgeable of Malaysian to compete global market with.

Malay politicians who said wants English for Science subject and Mathematics being re-studied must emphasis so detailed to find weakness reason but not eliminate it.

Malaysian should envying for oneself as only us alone have the skill to control one language over with the other ethnic in the country. Chinese community and Indian mostly can control bilingual namely Malay and Tamil or Mandarin.


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