Sunday, October 12, 2008

Herb Combination Control Sugar Level Increase

Diabetes during pregnancy call gestational diabetes. It believed happened change of hormone level result also give effect to sensitivity insulin for glucose.

Diabetes during customary pregnancy could return normal after birth. A mother ever experienced diabetes during pregnancy should be taken the step more alert since them more risky to suffer diabetes, especially diabetes second type to in future.

Herb can help tackle sugar imbalance. Among herb study give positive effect in sugar control in the blood include Gymnema, Fenugreek (fenugreek), Holy germ and Bitter melon (bitter gourd).

Gymnema help reduce inside the body absorption of sugar and prevent glucose transportation. Research showed gymnema also help raise insulin production.

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is herb that grows in the area Mediterranean and Asia that having seed aroma.

Fenugreek employes as spice in cooking also is certified can control in the blood sugar level. On the study his effectiveness have been published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Bitter melon's herb (Momordica charantia) help reduce the rate intestinal tract deep glucose absorption. Much research including study published in American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy in the year 2003, show this herb have the effect hypoglycaemia (in the blood low sugar level).

Holy germ (Ocimum sanctum) help improve glucose peripheral use and enhance insulin production. Study published in Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics indicates Holy Basil decreases blood sugar level.

Combination recruitment this herbs give effect deep synergistic blood sugar level control.

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