Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Woman Need For Calcium.

Outcome of the research finding with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Universiti Otago, New Zealand indicates most women in Malaysia getting less than 50 percent total calcium suggested to bone health.

Low calcium intake make among factor key risk that contribute to happened disease osteoporosis that means 'porous bone'.

In conjunction with Hari Osteoporosis Sedunia's celebration on 20th of October , Malaysian women remind to look after their bone health supply avoiding osteoporosis.

Ortopedik's expert and Trauma's expert, Dr. Chin Chee Howe inform that high resource calcium come from dairy product as fresh milk, cheese and yogurt. However, dairy product involve rare to be among staple diet people in this country.

“Osteoporosis is a form of the disease 'silent' and serious. Most women only knew design suffer it after experiencing crack or broken bones.

“Human bone health decline on staggered method and gradually from 30s age. Yet, it it not yet delayed to start look after your bone health,” he said.

Osteoporosis not it a form of the disease can be cured but it preventable. Crack or break aitch bone were among those most common occur among sufferer osteoporosis.

It almost assured will bring to entry ward and also can be fatal in one from each five (20 percent) case break aitch bone.

Among 30 to 50 percent more (break aitch bone) likely large experience permanent disability will disturb their daily movement soon.

Although many occur among woman, does not mean sheltered man from osteoporosis. Yet, man have the inside track give more protection from stated disease where most guys undergo active lifestyle and inherently have bone mass more higher compared woman.

Impact osteoporosis in Asia expected to increase with over statistics 50 percentage of occurrence crack or break world aitch bone will happen in this region near 2050.

Therefore, Asian population, especially women, suggested to get daily calcium (among 800 to 1,000 milligram) by other essential nutrient as proteins, zinc, magnesium and vitamin D required to maintain healthy and strong bone.

A glass high calcium milk containing 500 milligram (mg) calcium and two stated glass of milk enough to supply total calcium suggested daily.

In conjunction Hari Osteoporosis Sedunia, Anlene will organise programme free bone examination in several location from o'clock 10 morning to 10 night, 21st of October to 2nd of November 2008.

The public are advised to take this opportunity to conduct screening bone health to assess bone mass risk of deterioration.

An expert nutrition will also help advise refer bone health survey results stated by diet advice suitable for bones upstanding.

Free Bone Examination Programme by Anlene will be held in accordance with following table:

26th of October 2008
Star (Bangi), Pacific (Megamall Propose), Prai (Penang), Maslee Tampoi, Pontian (Johore).

31st of October - 2nd Of November 2008
The Store Pandan Capital, Pandan Beautiful (KL), Giant (Farmer River), Giant, Skudai (Johore).

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